CHRS Gainsharing practice is based upon award-winning research conducted by Michael Schuster, Ph.D., under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor, National Science Foundation, and General Electric Foundation since 1977.  Much of our research is available in this website.


CHRS is a leader in Gainsharing plan assessment, design, and implementation, developing employee reward systems designed to share the improvements of increased productivity, cost reductions, quality improvement, and overall business performance in the form of regular employee bonuses.  Our professionals have installed Gainsharing and goal sharing plans in over 200 union and nonunion locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe, helping employers tap the "discretionary effort" of employees and produce change that leads to performance improvements and gains for the company and the employees to share. 


They have used Gainsharing as part of substantial organizational change efforts, which have included major cultural change, changing union-management relations, work redesign, and eliminating piecework incentive systems.


Our Gainsharing consulting team includes compensation specialists, industrial psychologists, an accountant, and an industrial engineer.  They offer a structured step-by-step methodology involving employees in the design, communication, and administration of a customized plan for their business.  We also utilize organizational assessments to determine if the organization is ready for sharing, and facilitate the design of an employee reward system tailored to the needs of the business.  Our plans are designed to foster employee involvement and motivation through the ownership and buy-in generated by an employee reward system managed the employee committee.  In recent years, CHRS consultants have developed group incentive plans for white-collar employees.


Learn more about Gainsharing by visiting our Publications page.

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