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Public Seminars for Human Resources Professionals
On-line 360-Degree Surveys and Personality Profiles (Leadership Development Profile)
Business Team Effectiveness Survey (Cross-Functional Teams)
Change Leadership Practices Survey
Project Leadership Practices Survey

The Leadership-Development Profile combines the benefits of skillfully interpreted 360-degree survey feedback with the insights of a personality profiler. The two data points are combined to provide not only peer, direct-report and supervisory perceptions regarding current leadership practices - but also an explanation of motivators and personal orientations that underlie those practices.

The outcome for the upper-middle and senior-leader participant is deeper personal awareness and a tangible personal development plan, which can be fully integrated into existing talent-management practices.

The instruments are completed on-line through our website, making it easy to administer to participants and "raters" around the world.

Leadership Practices Survey - Sample Report

Leadership Practices Survey - Website
(Survey ID: sample, Password: demo)

Managing for Success (DISC Profile) - Sample Report

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