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Key Services:

Redesign of Business-Unit Structures, Major Functions and Global Business Teams
Process and Structure Design Team Facilitation
Organization Effectiveness Assessment

We have worked in diverse industries to help senior leaders re-align organization structure and processes to deliver growth strategies:

Global re-structuring of a $20 billion consumer packaged goods corporation to deliver new growth initiatives
Re-structuring major divisions of a top-tier healthcare management company
Globalization of product category teams for a major consumer healthcare division
Marketing organization re-structure for USA unit of a large-multi national consumer-products company
Worldwide procurement organization consolidation for a major white goods corporation
Development of worldwide product-development teams for Fortune 100 company
Corporate human resources realignment for numerous multi-national companies




Our work in these environments includes facilitation of design teams, as well as consultant-led organization studies, always with an emphasis on aligning structure to deliver specific business goals.

Gregory Kesler has written in the area of organization design and offers a two-day training seminar on the subject. The program features his five-step process and business-case approach to leading new organization designs.

Practice Areas:
Executive Talent Development
Compensation Strategy & Alternative Rewards
HR Organization & Strategy
Implementing Change
Organization Design

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