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CHRS was founded on the research of Dr. Michael Schuster, Professor of Management, Syracuse University and a former Senior Fulbright Scholar at the London School of Economics, in alternative reward systems, employee involvement, and managing change. Dr. Schuster has received major research grants from the United States Department of Labor, the National Science Foundation, the New York State Health Research Foundation, and the General Electric, Upjohn Institute, and Andrus Foundations.

Dr. Schuster's work in gainsharing and change-management in unionized settings is widely known and respected by industry leaders and academics.





In 1993, CHRS merged with the Kesler Group to create a broad, but performance-focused set of human resource services our clients. Gregory Kesler's leadership in talent-pool management, human resources-function renewal and organization design created a strong partnership with Dr. Schuster's work.

CHRS is an exceptional group of experienced corporate human resources executives and academics, all of whom are seasoned practitioners of organization change, human resources, and compensation systems

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