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Key Services:
Succession Planning and Leadership Bench Strength
Leadership Assessment and Coaching
360-Degree Surveys and Personal Profiling
Executive Team Development

The focus of this practice is building leaders at all critical levels of the business. We have worked with successful multi-nationals, including Merck & Co., The Coca-Cola Company, McKesson Corporation, Bayer, Amcor, Pfizer and many others, for more than twenty years to implement new approaches to succession planning and leadership bench development. Our extensive experience and tools can be utilized by clients to implement new practices across the corporation or within major operating units, including:

Organization/talent review practices
Assessment practices, such as manager                  assessment tools, calibration committees, bench-depth tools, etc.
Development planning tools and practices
Career maps for experience-based, individual          development plans

Our approach to executive coaching combines survey feedback and tandem interviews with the executive, his or her boss and others. Our approach to working with executives usually includes:

Clear and detailed narrative feedback to produce immediate insights.
Focus on both accomplishments and leadership practices - in a balanced view of capabilities, anchored to a track record.
The use of effective personal profile tools that provide insight about personal motivation and hardwiring an action-oriented development plan.
Intensive support from a coach assures quality execution on a continuous basis over a contracted period of time.


Mr. Kesler's article, "Ten Reasons Why the Bench Never Gets Deeper" has been widely recognized as one of the best summaries on the state of executive talent development written in the recent past.

See Greg's articles on this site, including:

Roadmaps for Developing General Managers: The Experience of a Healthcare Giant

Improving Succession Planning Results Through Assessment and Validation: Trends and Best Practices

Practice Areas:
Executive Talent Development
Compensation Strategy & Alternative Rewards
HR Organization & Strategy
Implementing Change
Organization Design

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