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Schuster, Ph.D., Michael H. and Greg Kesler
Aligning Reward Systems in Organization Design: How to Activate the Orphan Star Point

Schuster, Ph.D., Michael H. and Dee Hoffman, Ph.D.
Evaluating Large Group Bonus Plans

Kesler, Gregory, Contributing Author
Business Review: Human Resources: A Guide to Effective HR Strategies

Kesler, Gregory and Michael Schuster
Design Your Governance Model to Make the Matrix Work

Kesler, Gregory
How Coke's CEO Aligned Strategy and People to Re-Charge Growth: An Interview with Neville Isdell

Kesler, Gregory and Amy Kates
Using a Re-Organization to Test and Grow High-Potential Leaders

Kesler, Gregory and Paul Kirincic.
Roadmaps for Developing General Managers

Kesler, Gregory.
Setting the Leadership Agenda for Executive Talent Development

Kesler, Gregory.
Why the Leadership Bench Never Gets Deeper: Ten Insights About Executive Talent Management

Kesler, Gregory.
Implementing Major Change in the HR Organization: The Lessons of Five Companies

Kesler, Gregory.
A Model and Process for Redesigning the HRM Role, Competencies and Work in a Major Multi-National Corporation

Kesler, Gregory.
Aligning People and Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Deploying Goals and Mission

Kesler, Gregory.
Four Steps to Building an HR Agenda: HR Strategy Revisited




Kesler, Gregory.
Personal Performance Commitments: Setting Individual Objectives for Continuous Improvement

Falkowski, Tom
Resource Reallocation and Headcount Efficiency versus Acros

Schuster, Michael H.
Obama and HR Strategy: Likely Impacts of the Administration's Employment and Labor Policies

Schuster, Michael
Forty years of Scanlon Plan research: a review of the descriptive and empirical literature

Schuster, Michael H. and Weidman, Steve
Labor-Management Partnerships: The Past and the Future

Schuster, Michael H. and Ahern, Robert W.
2006-2007 Collective Bargaining Review ( Appendix A )

Schuster,Michael H., Ph.D.
Aligning Compensation Strategy

Schuster, Michael H., Ph.D. and Susan Rosenthal, Ph.D.
Changing Compensation Systems: Strategies for Removing Individual Factory Incentives

Schuster, Michael H., Ph.D. and Gregory C. Kesler.
Creating Organizational Change in Union Settings

Schuster, Michael H. and Christopher S. Miller.
Employee Involvement: Making Supervisors Believers

Schuster, Michael H., Ph.D. and Judith M. Schuster.
Excellence in Gainsharing: From the Start to Renewal

Schuster, Michael H., Ph.D.
Gainsharing: Do It Right the First Time

Schuster, Michael H.
Gainsharing: The State of the Art

Schuster,Judith M., Joseph E. Perna, Dee Hoffman
High Tech – High Touch: A Case Study in World Class Customer Service in a Call Center*

Schuster, Michael H., Ph.D.
Integrated Change Does Work

Creach, Donald L. and Gregory C. Kesler.
Workforce Restructuring Done Right: Managing Risk Strategically

Wartzman, Rick
Sharing Gains; A Whirlpool Factory Raises Productivity And Pay of Workers

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